Green Coffee Sourcing

VANTERA COFFEE BEAN COMPANY has a sister company in Ethiopia that is responsible for handling sourcing, quality control, warehousing, and exporting. VANTERA COFFEE mainly markets and distributes in North America. 

VANTERA  COFFEE BEAN COMPANY has 500 hectares farm that will begin harvest in the near term.  We currently work directly with small lot farmers to procure the highest quality green beans. 

Yes, provided advance  coordination, we can arrange for origin trip of our on-the-ground operation.

Green Coffee Purchasing

Yes, we can make shipping arrangement at competitive rates  on behalf of the customer.

VANTERA COFFEE BEAN COMPANY allows roasters to make purchase commitment of green coffee  in advance and take delivery overtime.  Reach out to our team to make such arrangement.  

VANTERA COFFEE BEAN COMPANY only sells green coffee to whole sale buyers.

Roasted Coffee Purchasing

Yes, VANTERA COFFEE BEAN COMPANY sells roasted coffee to consumers, retailers and wholesale buyers.

VANTERA COFFEE BEAN COMPANY stores and roasts its green coffee beans in the United States.

VANTERA COFFEE BEAN COMPANY’S standard packaging units are 12 OZ and 5 LB.

Orders received before 12 pm EST will be processed the same day, and any orders received after that will be processed the next business day.  Our flat fee of $4.95 covers ground shipping, and delivery will take 1-5 business days.

Why Purchase Roasted Whole Bean Coffee

VANTERA COFFEE BEAN COMPANY’s uses¬† the highest quality green beans.¬† To preserve the high quality, we roast it whole bean and do not offer ground coffee in order to maintain freshness and flavor.¬† ¬†

VANTERA COFFEE advises to grind only coffee that will be consumed within three days and keep what remains as whole bean.

While convenience of product use is a positive attribute¬† generally, it comes at the expense of quality when it comes to coffee–especially high quality coffee. In addition to preserving quality, having whole bean allows the customer to tailor grind level to their taste.

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