Vantera Coffee Bean Company, (VCBC), a majority African and Black American owned company, which was initially started in early 2020 by some of the Vantera Holding Corp and Haileslassie Ambaye Industries executives, is managed by a group of highly skilled and experienced men and women who comprise over 40 years of coffee industry experience.   VCBC, (a member of Vantera Commodities Group, LLC family of companies), was established for the purpose of the development, production, sales and distribution of high-quality coffee beans. Haileslassie Ambaye, who was the founding chairman of Vantera, brought over 25 years of invaluable coffee business experience and expertise to the Vantera startup.   After the majority of VCBC was recently acquired by Vantera Holding Corp, Don Polk, who was vice chairman of VCBC, became the executive chairman of Vantera.  The company is also owned by a major leading Ethiopian coffee producer and a leading Ethiopian logistics company.  


The original coffee company was founded by Ethiopian American family members, selling Ethiopian specialty coffee primarily to the distributors under the Hydasey Coffee label.   Under the private labels of high-profile customers, various trade styles or under Vantera Coffee Bean Company (VCBC).  Don Polk, who is also the company’s interim president & chief executive officer, stated in an interview,

“we aim is to be a primary “go-to” company for the best coffee Ethiopia has to offer, as well as other high-quality coffees grown in Africa or other regions throughout the world. We source our green coffee beans directly from thousands of farmers through our in-country based sourcing companies or partners. We are directly involved in every step of the way until the final green or roasted beans are delivered to our customers.   We ensure and deliver consistent quality by maintaining strict quality control on the ground via vertical integration.” 


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