The oldest method of processing coffee in Ethiopia is the natural method. Right after harvest, coffee cherries are laid out on wooden patios to dry in the sun. The cherries are turned over regularly to avoid mold or rotting taking place. Once properly dried, the outer husk and dried fruit are mechanically removed before being ready for export.


The second method used to process coffee in Ethiopia is the washed process. After harvest, the outer skin and much of the fruit flesh is removed from the coffee cherry via depulper. From there, the coffee is moved to a fermentation tank to remove the remaining sticky flesh called mucilage and later dried before being ready for export.


True to our motto “From Us. By Us. For Everyone ” ,in addition to sourcing and selling  green coffee, Vantera Coffee Bean Company offers roasted coffee to both retail and wholesale customers.  We roast and package our beans in the United States to ensure freshness.  Reach out to us and experience the wonderful world of Ethiopian coffee in its immense varieties.

Glimpse of Ethiopian Operation

Quick video of our operations in Ethiopia.


Happy Clients

``The coffee has been wonderful! The natural gets that classic 'I didn’t know coffee could taste like this' comment, which is what we’re looking for.``

Jermey Graham


``We’ve found that the Guji grade 1 washed makes an incredible espresso.``

Troy Ewing


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