The Dry coffee processing includes the following steps at the various washing stations:

1. Red cherries are collected from farmers

2. Placed into tanker to separate floater

3. The sinking cherries will be put on a bed in single  layer to dry

4. Workers stir 2 times an hour to get uniform drying In the mean time, workers pick unripe and defective beans

5. After few days, the coffee may be put in 2 layers

6. Coffee dried for 8-15 days on shinny days, or 15-20 days if cloudy, and based on the desired moisture level

7. Stored in to warehouse for 5-8 days to conditioning

8. Once ready, it is hulled at farm gate to separate the cover

9. Transported to Addis Ababa for secondary hulling and cleaning (to separate impurities and defects) before bagged for export

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